Inside the ActionBar tab, you can select settings for the panel on the right side of the chart
There are five main parameters:
Fixed Action Bars
Permanently displays the action bar next to the chart. However, you always have the possibility to keep the action bar visible by clicking on the "pins" icon (see below).
Open on Click in Price Scale
Displays the action bar only when you click on the price scale panel.
Open on Mouse Move
Displays the action bar only when you hover the mouse over the price panel.
Show Periodicities Slider Bar
Shows/hides the time slider.
Show Trading Pads
Shows/hides the Chart Trading Pad and the DOM, which are located at the top of the Actionbar.
Arrow Keys allow you to sort the entries, intervals, instrument lists, and predefined indicators. Click on the object to be moved and relocate it by pressing the arrow keys.
The ActionBar is located on the right-hand side of the chart for quick access to various actions (favorites).
The ActionBar includes seven primary components:
Full Chart
Maximizes the selected chart or resizes it according to the chart container setting
Pins / unpins the Action bar. Only activated, when "Fixed ActionBars" is deactivated and either "Open on Click in Price Scale" or "Open on Mouse Move" is activated, so the user can fix ActionBar impromptu
Trading Pad
Hides or shows the standard chart trading pad/DOM/3rd level box depending upon what has been selected in the chart men
Show Quick Trader
Opens the Quick Trade
Chart Trading Pad
Opens the Trading Pad (Standart or TX++)
opens the DOM
Open ActionBar settings
Instrument News
Instrument News from Google Finance
Options Trading Pad
Order Stream Indicators Pad
Time frames
Sets the time frame for a current char
Instrument Lists
Displays the selected instrument lists. If an instrument is already in a list, the text of the equivalent instrument list button will be displayed in re
Allows you to select previously defined setups within the Setup Builder. A pair of B(Buy) and S(Sell) buttons refers to one entry strategy. When you use the Entries, TradersYard X++ will automatically be activated
Displays buttons for indicators that are not permanently visible on the chart. When you hover the cursor above an indicator button it will be shown on the chart. Clicking the button will make the indicator visible on the chart until you unselect it by clicking it again
Add drawing objects
Price Styles
Select Price styles
Order Templates
Add Order Templates
Right-click on the blank space to access the Action bar settings:
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