The Directories category enables you to set directories' paths.
This tab shows the following:
User's directory
The folder containing the user data needed to maintain the same appearance for the workspace, templates, self-programmed indicators, etc. (if you work for example using Dropbox or server). The file store.sdf contains all the information about executed trades, orders, OrdersLog, instrument and connection settings, alerts, and notes.
Data Directory
The folder containing local user data such as history, protocol, replay data, etc.
User directory
The user data is automatically saved in the ".../Documents/TradersYardX" folder. You can change this manually in the Preferences.
The following folders are contained in the user's directory:
  • Templates - contains saved templates for list chart groups or tab chart groups as well as your pre-settings for various drawing objects (Fibonacci-retracements, etc).
  • TradeEscort/Files/Date/TradersYardXLog.log - the log files for each individual day.
  • TradeEscort/Files/Date/Chart images/Trade - screenshots that are automatically taken after a trade.
  • UserCode. Please read more about the UserCode directory in the section: Scripting: Compile.
  • Workspaces - your workspaces are saved in this folder.
Data directory
Data Directory
  • History - contains saved historical data from your data feed provider. Under certain circumstances, this folder may become rather large.
  • Logs - specific log data is saved here.
  • Replay Data - contains saved replay data. Similar to the history folder, this folder may become large as well.