Discretionary Trading
The Discretionary Trading category allows you to enter general settings related to order size.
Default Order Size
Sets the suggested order size for strategies outside of TradersYard X++. Due to the fact that some brokers demand a minimum order size, this setting can sometimes be ignored (if the entered amount is smaller than the minimum order size). In this case, TradersYard X will offer you the required minimum order size when placing an order.
Place Synthetic Order on Margin Violation
If the Account-Cash values get exceeded because of a margin violation TradersYard X will place synthetic order
For the Futures, you may adjust some additional settings. Check the Show Rollover Alert checkbox if you wish to be shown the futures calendar window (see below) upon starting up TradersYard X - it will appear if one of the major futures is n days before its rollover. The dialog window will open where the cursor is positioned.
In the Futures calendar window you will see the day of the month on which the rollover will take place:
  • If the rollover date lies within the time range between the predefined days and the contract expiration date, then the corresponding cell will be highlighted in red.
  • If the expiration date lies in the past, then the corresponding cell will be highlighted in light red.
  • If the futures have already been rolled over to the next contract, then the corresponding cell will be highlighted in green.
By clicking on the symbol you will call up the detail window for the instrument within the Instrument Escort. Here you may make the necessary changes. More information about the rollover can be found in the section: Futures contract rollover.
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