3rd Level Box
Along with the Chart Toolbar: Standard chart trading pad, Order Escort and DOM the 3rd Level Box can also be used as a trading pad. In order to open the 3rd level box use one of the options:
  1. 1.
    Select 3rd Level Box by using Main -> New or
  2. 2.
    Left-click the symbol
    in the chart toolbar within the main window.
The 3rd Level Box window displays the following information:
Name of the instrument for which Times&Sales / Level2 data should be displayed. Use
to open a window for instrument selection.
Indicates the percentage change and absolute change of the day.
Price fields
Day open value ‚Äč
Day high value ‚Äč
Day low value
Last: latest submitted price ‚Äč
Bid: the current bid price ‚Äč
Ask: current ask price ‚Äč
Spread: the current difference between ask and bid ‚Äč
Size: volumes of the last trade ‚Äč
Total: total volume of the current day
Order part(red edging)
If the keyboard or mouse clicks are not sufficient for trading, you can also use the 3rd Level Box to handle these buttons. Learn more about this functionality in the Chart Toolbar: Standard chart trading pad‚Äč
Bid/Ask list
ECN: (Electronic communication network) is the ECN broker ‚Äč
Bid/Ask: bid or ask of an ECN ‚Äč
Size: position size related to the bid/ask prices or to an ECN Different colors indicate different price settings for the market depth. If several ECNs set the same price, then precisely these ECNs will be visible within the same colored area. Press the
button to change the ECN color settings for the bid/ask list.
Price: is the price at which a transaction took place ‚Äč
Size: is the volume executed with the corresponding price ‚Äč
Exchange: stock exchange at which the transaction occurred ‚Äč
Time: time of the transaction
You can utilize the functionalities of the 3rd Level Box with the keyboard or by combining the keyboard keys and mouse clicks. Define the keyboard shortcuts to make your trading more comfortable.
The combination of keyboard keys and mouse clicks offer the following possibilities:
Ctrl + mouse click in the bid list
Stop Sell
Alt + mouse click in the bid list
Limit Buy
Ctrl + mouse click in the ask list
Stop Buy
Alt + mouse click in the ask list
Limit Sell
Orders will be placed at the current price level clicked on with the mouse.
The 3rd Level Box can also be activated together with the chart, making the orders visible in the chart as well. You can alternatively make orders visible on all charts by enabling the Show TradeMarkers on all Charts option in the General/Chart tabs in the Preferences.
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