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In order to open the Forex Pad use one of the options:
  1. 1.
    Select Forex Pad by using Main -> New or
  2. 2.
    Left click the symbol
    in the application toolbar within the main window.
In order to quickly effect entries into long- or short positions, use buy and sell buttons in the Forex pad to place a variety of instruments (including non-Forex-instruments) next to each other. For each instrument you can see the price (best bid/ask and corresponding volume), the spread and the daily high/low. Double-clicking on buy or sell opens a position with previously activated settings (order size, order type etc.).
Context menu:
  • Add Instrument: opens a window to add an instrument or an instrument list (including shares lists) from the Instrument Escort. .
  • Remove Instrument: deletes the currently selected instrument.
  • Remove All: empties the ForexPad.
Left clicking in the Forex pairs area applies the exchange symbol to the symbol field of the order parts. Clicking in the buy/sell area of the currency pairs activates the corresponding order button. To place an order, left click on the buy/sell button at the top of the the order pad (or double-click in the buy/sell area of the currency pairs). If the position has been opened, you will see the volume and opened profit/loss beside the instrument symbol.
ForexPad Eng
The default settings for the order size can be changed in tabs Stocks/ETFs, Forex and Futures within the Preferences.