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Record/Replay Escort

The Record/Replay Escort is able to record market data from a currently ongoing operation and replay later when necessary. If a broker or data feed offers the possibility of downloading the tick data (usually only for one trading day), then this can also be accomplished by the record manager.
Currently, the following brokers enable market data to download for 1-2 days: Teletrader, IQFeed, BarChart, and DukasCopy.
If you wish to download the data, a connection to the preferred data feed provider must be established. You can download market data for one instrument or for an entire instrument list.
Columns of the Record/Replay Escort tab show the following information:
Name of the instrument or instrument list for which the tick data will be recorded or downloaded
The status of recording/replay:
Recording: data from the data feed provider is currently being downloaded or recorded.
Finished: downloading or recording is completed. This status allows you to start replay.
Replaying: replay has started.
Paused: replay has been paused.
Time from
Date and time when the recording was started or the first tick data was downloaded.
Time to
Date and time when the recording was finished or the last tick data was downloaded.
Start at
Time at which replay should be started during the period between the 'From' and 'To'. This time frame can only be changed when the status is displayed as 'Finished' or when the replay has been stopped (not paused).
The multiplicative factor at which the recording is to be played. For example, 20x symbolizes that the recording will be played at 20x the regular speed.
Starts the replay for a selected entry in the list
Pauses the replay
Stops the replay and returns it to the original point (status 'Finished')
The cell in which you can enter a comment.
The context menu of the Record manager:
  • Start Recording: opens the Instrument Escort selection list. After selecting the instrument or instrument list, the recording will begin. This requires the data feed to be active.
  • Stop Recording: becomes available when the status is displayed as 'Recording' and stops the current recording.
  • Download ReplayData: opens the Instrument Escort selection list. After choosing the instrument/instrument list and entering the time frame, the download will start.
  • Import from the Url: allows the user to enter an URL to download data.
  • Remove Recording: deletes the selected entry
  • Play: starts the replay
  • Stop Replay: stops the replay and returns it to the original point (Status 'Finished').
Import from the URL example
To import data from the URL user should have two files with bars and ticks. File extensions should be .sdf.
The link should be ended by file name. For example, we have a 20170201_FDAX_1738764711.sdf file so the link should look like
In order to import data from the URL please follow these steps:
  • Upload files with bars and ticks to file sharing service (For example 20170201_FDAX_1738764711.sdf and 20170201_FDAX_1738764711_Ticks.sdf files)
  • In the Replay Escort, context menu please select Import from the Url
  • In open dialog paste a direct download link to one of each file (TradersYard X will download the second one automatically)
  • Click OK button
You can change the settings of the History Limitations in the Tools -> Preferences in tabs: General -> Chart. The replay history defines the time period inside the time frame for which tick data was downloaded, thus it can be replayed tick by tick.
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