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Add a secondary data series

This feature allows you to add multiple other data series inside the same chart.
In order to add a secondary data series simply:
Left-click on the
Multidata Icon
icon within the chart toolbar.
In the dialog window please type in what data series you would like to add:
The Secondary data series are displayed as a Line Chart in different colors.
In Configuration Editor -> Chart you can set the starting point for secondary data series
  • First Requested: Date&Time when the data series was added
  • First Visible: the first point on the left side chart which is visible.
After adding a secondary data series, the following options appear in the upper left corner of your chart:
Secondary data series replaces main data series (Chart settings remain untouched)
Here you can invert the display of the added secondary data series
This function allows you to set the color and line width of your secondary data series
Deletes the added secondary data series