Price markers and spread markers
To access marker settings for price and spread use one of the following methods:
  1. 1.
    Left-click on the
    icon within the chart toolbar.
  2. 2.
    Right-click in the charting area to bring up the chart context menu, then select Settings followed by the Quote Markers & Lines menu item.
You will be able to choose between the following settings:
  • Show Price Marker: shows or hides the price markers.
  • Show Price Line: shows or hides the price lines. The price line complies with the last price (if available).
  • Show Price Alert Lines: display price alert lines on a chart.
  • Show Spread Markers: shows or hides the spread markers.
  • Show Spread Lines: shows or hides the spread lines.
By default, the Ask line and the Ask marker are displayed in green. By default, the Bid line and the Bid marker are displayed in red.
See more color settings for further information.
The following information will help you to better understand the relation between the terms "ASK / SELLER / BID" and "BID / BUYER / ASK".
Let's assume that you open a long position "on the market". You will pay the ASK price for this instrument, whereas a seller will receive the BID price. If you wish to sell the instrument again, you will receive the BID price and a buyer will pay ASK price.
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