Available asset-classes: CFD's, Currency
Dukascopy is counted among the ECN (electronic communication network) brokers. These brokers provide the opportunity to move orders to the international trading floor, where traders can consequently receive the best offers from other brokers in real-time. One of the important advantages of ECN brokers is that they are not market-makers, and therefore do not trade against their own clients.
Supported asset classes: CFD's, Currency
Supported orders: OCO order connections are locally simulated ORO order connections are locally simulated IFDone order connections are locally simulated
Order execution TradersYard X does not execute any orders! Instead, brokers simply inform us of filled orders and execution price. If data received from your data feed provider does not match the quotes on the brokerage platform for an instrument, then the entry and exit price will not be displayed properly on your chart.
You can open a real or demo account at Dukascopy.


Please follow the instructions in the following video to establish the connection correctly:
How to establish a connection to Dukascopy:
Step 1. The first authentication popup will appear during the Dukascopy connection process. TradersYard X uses this to connect to jForex API. Here, you need to enter your credentials and activate the PIN Code checkbox.
Step 2. After entering your PIN Code the second authentication popup will appear. This popup provides a connection to the Dukascopy website, from which TradersYard X gets historical executions. Please activate the PIN Code checkbox and enter your PIN as you did before, then click the Submit button.

Essential information

In the Account tab, there are two additional columns: Available Margin (display Free Margin in Dukascopy client) and Used Margin.
If you have a DukasCopy account or request a new one, please make sure that the account type is "NonHedged". It is only with these settings that TradersYard X can function flawlessly with DukasCopy.
Any client using TradersYard X is set to global mode. The global mode is net position mode, where any new trade is automatically merged into the existing position of the same instrument. CFD's must be added manually for clients that are in this mode and using TradersYard X.
If your DukasCopy account has not yet been activated for CFDs, TradersYard X can only load historical data, not real-time or delayed data.
In some cases, there might be problems with DukasCopy autostart.
There are three ways to solve it: 1. Check-in Account Settings that checkbox Auto Start is active. 2. Deactivate Pin (Available only for live accounts) 3. If you have static IP please contact the DukasCopy support team and they should not request a pin when you connect with this IP.

Important Note

This means that the orders and market-related values shown on the BROKER platform are valid. The broker's platform should always be active as a backup to TradersYard X. This gives you an essential overview of the interaction between TradersYard X and your broker. Furthermore, you will always know exactly how your orders/positions and ultimately your account balance is displayed.
Warning! This does not work with the desktop MB trading platform.
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