Available asset-classes: Future

About Halifax

Halifax America provides services and solutions for first-time traders to institutions. Trading access to over 100 market centers in 24 countries.
Whether you trade online or want to utilize an advisory service, there are many reasons to move from your old broker to Halifax America.
By dealing with an American company, you are dealing with an organization with an understanding of local markets.
By virtue of our size and global footprint, we offer our clients the opportunity to enjoy some of the most ideal trading conditions at very competitive fees within the market.
However, one of the biggest benefits for our clients is our service.
If you need to speak with an adviser – which can be critical in today’s fast-paced markets – Halifax is prepared to assist.
Supported asset classes: Future
Supported orders:
OCO order connections are locally simulated ORO order connections are locally simulated IFDone order connections are locally simulated
Order execution TradersYard X does not execute any orders! Instead, brokers simply inform us of filled orders and execution price. If data received from your data feed provider does not match the quotes on the brokerage platform for an instrument, then the entry and exit price will not be displayed properly on your chart.
You can open a real or demo account at Halifax.


Under development.

Important Note

This means that the orders and market-related values shown on the BROKER platform are valid. The broker's platform should always be active as a backup to TradersYard X. This gives you an essential overview of the interaction between TradersYard X and your broker. Furthermore, you will always know exactly how your orders/positions and ultimately your account balance is displayed.
Warning! This does not work with the desktop MB trading platform.
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