Available asset-classes: Future, Stock

About Rithmic

Rithmic puts your trades first. Whether you are part of a prop shop or are a professional trader, Rithmic’s trade execution software delivers to you the low latency and high throughput performance formerly seen only by the very large trading houses and boutique hedge funds.
Supported asset classes: Future, Stock
Supported orders: OCO order connections are supported by this broker ORO order connections are locally simulated IFDone order connections are locally simulated
Order execution TradersYard X does not execute any orders! Instead, brokers simply inform us of filled orders and execution price. If data received from your data feed provider does not match the quotes on the brokerage platform for an instrument, then the entry and exit price will not be displayed properly on your chart.
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Please follow the instructions in the following video to establish the connection correctly:

Essential information

If you have some OCO order-connections while trading with Rithmic, the automatic cancellation of one order due to the OCO connection can lead to the following PopUp: "You cannot cancel a canceled order". This happens when TradersYard X sends the cancellation after Rithmic already canceled this order, so you can just ignore this Message - your order has already been canceled.
Upon each day, Rithmic is doing the settlement on their positions. Here you can see an example of position on 6B, where long entry is made on 21st October. Upon each evening (22:25) Rithmic is closing old position with settlement price and opening new position, with settlement price as new position price. This would lead to the difference in R Trader and TX in two main areas: -Position Price -Open PnL
Important! Rithmic does not provide commission automatically however you can set it manually by adding this info in the InstrumentEscort in the Mapping Area with the "C" Button. Details: Instrument Escort: Creating and editing instruments. ​
In order to establish the right connection please ask your broker which "system type or server" your account must be connected with. A wrong system type (server) can lead to problems like "missing account details" or others.
Important! Rithmic doesn't provide Ask Bid data for the previous day, so you may load OrderSteam only for the present day. In another case you will get a message in the log: "Requested time (24 hours) of AskBid history is not available, please reduce the amount of hours for OrderStream"