Tradier, Inc., is an industry leader in providing next-generation brokerage solutions that enable Platform Providers and Developers, Digital Advisors, Registered Investment Advisors, and Registered Broker-Dealers to offer trading access to the US Markets through its bundled APIs from their platforms.
Tradier is the first Brokerage API company and its API offering includes Real-time Streaming Data, Account Opening & Funding, Trading, Simple Pricing & Low Fees. Tradier offers brokerage services through Tradier Brokerage, Inc.(
Tradier Brokerage, Inc. is an of member FINRA, SIPC, and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tradier Inc. To learn more about Tradier and all our services please go to​
Supported asset classes: Stocks, Options
Supported orders: OCO order connections partially supported by this broker ORO order connections are locally simulated IFDone order connections are partially supported by this broker
ATTENTION: Tradier has different order management than all the other broker and API-Technologies supported by TradersYard X.
Tradier doesn't allow to place complex order structures in various cases and rejects exit orders (multiple stops, multiple targets, connected Long and short entry orders, etc....)
TradersYard X provides the possibility to convert rejected physical orders to synthetic orders:
Whenever this happens TradersYard X tries to warn you with a chart message. Please be aware that synthetic orders are only properly executed when TradersYard X is running.


  • Please go to Account Connection and click Add button
  • In Open dialog please select Tradier as a Provide and create a Connection name
  • After please select your account type: Sandbox: test account Brokerage: live account
  • Finally, insert your credentials to the fields Username and Password:
  • In case you have only an access token. Please activate the checkbox I already have an access token and in open filed insert access token
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