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Multi-Account settings

Multi-account settings

TradersYard X supports multi-broker access as well as multi-data feed access. This makes it possible to not only trade several accounts with different brokers but also to use data feeds from various providers at the same time.
Data feed and broker accessibility can be defined using the account connections popup.
In order to avoid inconsistencies, it is necessary to disconnect TradersYard X from all brokers and data feed providers before undertaking any changes.
Use Main/Connections/Connect to link your account to data feed providers and brokers.
Use Main/Connections/Disconnect to disconnect all connections again.
Use Main/Connections/Stop History Loading to stop loading the history of the active broker/data feed.
If, when starting up the program, you wish to reestablish all connections that existed prior to closing TradersYard X, this can be set as follows:
  1. 1.
    Select Preferences from the main menu Tools
  2. 2.
    Inside the opened window in tabs, General/Common check the checkboxes Start Datafeed Automatically and Start Brokers Automatically.