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Create and Manage Scripts

Scripting environment

TradersYard X's programming environment (script) is similar to that of Visual Studio, and allows you to:
  1. 1.
    Navigate the programming workspace using toolbars,
  2. 2.
    Handle multiple components at the same time via the editor (top tab bar),
  3. 3.
    Use the IntelliSense® functionality,
  4. 4.
    View a list of errors at the bottom of the screen

Scripting toolbar

Loads existing self-programmed indicators/strategies to the workspace
Saves source code changes
Cuts marked source code
Copies marked source code
Pastes copied/cut source code
Enables comments on marked source code parts
Uncomments the selected lines
Cancels previous action(s)
Repeats canceled action(s)
Opens output window
Opens reference popup
Compiles sources
Searches for a text within source code
Opens a list of errors
Deletes file

Visual Studio

TradersYard X used the .NET Framework 4.6. In addition please use Visual Studio version 2017 or newer. Microsoft offers a free version called Visual Studio Community Edition, which is pretty good to develop TradersYard X Script code. Download Visual Studio Community Edition.
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TradersYard X and Visual Studio
TradersYard X offers its very own script editor that can be used for TradersYard X Script development
This editor is a useful tool when it comes to quickly changing a couple of lines of code, or if you just want to look at an TradersYard X Script. For all other applications, it is essential that you use Microsoft’s development environment Visual Studio. It offers a comprehensive solution that has proven itself time and again for almost all areas of software development, including of course for TradersYard X Script as well as for C#.
The most important advantages are:
  • Debugging
  • Code Completion
  • Syntax checking
In addition, there is a multitude of further features that make developing easier for you.
You can download the free “Visual Studio Community” edition at Please note that the download and the installation of the software take about 60 minutes!
From TradersYard X 2.0 onwards, you need to use at least “Visual Studio Community 2017” due to the .NET version 4.6 that is implemented!
Once you have successfully installed Visual Studio, you can link it to TradersYard X using the Preferences setting shown below. From now on, all TradersYard X Script files will automatically be opened with Visual Studio, and the debugger will also automatically be linked to TradersYard X.
Preferences setting for Visual Studio
You can now conveniently develop, test, and debug your TradersYard X Scripts in Visual Studio.
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