Programming of conditions

Select from the main menu Strategy Handling-> Scripting followed by Condition -> New or Edit items to create new or modify existing conditions


If you wish to edit the existing condition, select the Edit submenu. You will see the following dialog box
The buttons inside this window have the following functions:
  • Click the Edit button or double-click on the entry to open the programming window for the selected condition.
  • Click the Delete button to remove the selected conditions.
  • Click the Compile button to compile all indicators, conditions, strategies, and alert handlers. If you delete a condition, the system will only accept changes after you have clicked the Compile button.

Creating a new condition

  • Step 1. Enter the name
  • Step 2. Define input parameter
  • Step 3. Select the condition type: entry, stop, or target. This will determine where the condition will appear in the Setup Builder (Entries, Stops, or Targets respectively).
Additionally, you can specify the line and color for a condition
    • Entry: tba
    • Stop occurred: defines the color of the signal fluctuations ("spikes") within the indicator panel; price defines the color within the chart.
    • Target: tba
  • Step 4. Begin programming the condition-specific code
  • Step 5. Press the
    button to make the condition available