Getting Help

Development, troubleshooting, and ensuring the stability of trading (ordering, position size, MM, RM, trouble-free communication with brokers) are our top priority. To enable more effective work we prefer to restrict email communication to particularly critical trading cases.
We are always pleased when you actively contribute to our ongoing development, but we kindly ask you to post ideas on the TradersYard so that other users can also benefit from them. You may also inspire new users with the same/similar questions/ideas to register on the forum.
To receive quick access to Help documentation and support you can use links inside the program TradersYard X, which are available under the Support menu:
In our TradersYard X Space, you can find numerous ways to make yourself familiar with the software, whether with our Getting Started videos or with the Quickstart-Guide as well as quick links here to our online manual “Wiki”, as well as many other guides and media!
Especially with our Getting Started-videos and the connection guides – you can find those videos in TradersYard X Space in the section “software training” – you will get a lively and clear description of how easy and straightforward it is to start TradersYard X and connect it to broker and data feed.
We strongly recommend watching the videos and read the Quickstart-Guide, as with therein presented information you will take a huge step forward on your way to successfully handling the software.


With the "Create Sales / Support Ticket" function in the toolbar, it is now even easier to get in touch with our support team.
For this purpose please click on the little arrow next to "Support" in the ToolBar and choose "Create Sales/Support Ticket" in the dropdown menu. Now choose the appropriate category and subcategory, add a detailed description of your request, and attach screenshots.
For a detailed investigation of the problem, you have reported, and related to your selection of the category, the necessary data and logs are sent automatically. As soon as we have received your request and the data, we will forward them to our testing team respectively take care of your request depending on the nature of your inquiry.
Please note:
As of now, support requests can only be sent via this function in the TradersYard X platform. Only for the - extremely rare - case that the platform cannot be restarted, we set up an emergency contact address on our website, through which the support team can be reached in these exceptional cases.
The GDPR has led us to this step in order to be able to ensure structured and comprehensible data processing in the support area, which would not be possible with simple e-mail communication. Therefore, the "Create Sales / Support Ticket" is available with the release of version 2.0.4.xx and higher. Note: Sent data will be stored for one month and then deleted.


If you have questions regarding the usage of TradersYard X, feel free to turn to our TradersYard. This will not only help you solve your questions but also might be of interest and help for other users with similar questions. In order to be able to post on the forum, a short registration process is necessary.

Reporting errors

Please see the Online Help section on reporting errors.

Questions for our partners

Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with detailed information about data feeds and brokers. If you have questions concerning data feed or broker, we kindly ask you to contact the data feed provider directly to avoid misunderstandings.
We apologize for this inconvenience and ask for your understanding.

Support responsibilities (e.g. Add Ons)

Since cooperation helps us to achieve more, we have been working closely with our partners in recent years. They benefit from our quick solutions, high level of technical competence, and first-class service.
You can also review our support possibilities on our homepage.