Report errors

Finding errors

It is likely that you have already had a few problems with TradersYard X. We kindly ask you NOT to immediately send an email directly to the support. Our technical support team is responsible for system errors or technical shortcoming of our software only and therefore cannot provide individual tutoring or answer requests regarding settings or the handling of the software. This can result in longer support and response periods and might affect you one day as well.
In general, the majority of problems are caused by users themselves. Please do not feel insulted by this - our developers also often have to admit that they are the cause of a problem, not the software.

If problems arise...

...or something does not work as expected, please follow our recommendations:
  1. 1.
    First try to ensure that you have updated your program to the latest version as is described in the release notes.
  2. 2.
    We kindly ask you to look for the answers to your question in our online media (tips and information about how to help yourself you can read in this article)
  3. 3.
    If you still have other questions regarding the software, please refer to our TradersYard.
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    Only after this should you contact the support team.
Sometimes it´s not that easy to rate whether the issue is a technical problem or simply some wrong settings. Here are some hints about the priority states (the following support times are valid during regular office hours from Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm CET):
Highest priority average response time: 2 hours: You have problems with submitting an order to the broker or with the order execution and are no able to trade anymore. The order or position state is different to the reference platform of the broker. You receive a trading critical system error in the protocol (red). In 9 of 10 cases, you will find help in our FAQ. Regular priority average response time: 6 hours: All settings are set correctly but you still do not receive market data. The data shown in TradersYard X is different to the data shown in the reference platform (broker, datafeed). In 9 of 10 cases, you will find help in our FAQ Low priority average response time: 24 hours: You experience a discrepancy in an TradersYard X feature, but it does not affect trading or data analysis. In 9 of 10 cases, you will find help in our FAQ Questions about how to use TradersYard X: Average questions about how to use TradersYard X are not part of the regular support. We try to answer them in exceptional cases but cannot provide any guaranteed support times. Please do your research in our online media which are available 24/7.

How to request technical support:

For this purpose please click on the little arrow next to "Support" in the ToolBar and choose "Create Sales/Support Ticket" in the dropdown menu. Now choose the appropriate category and subcategory, add a detailed description of your request, and attach screenshots.
For a detailed investigation of the problem, you have reported, and related to your selection of the category, the necessary data and logs are sent automatically. Therefore it is extremely important to choose the correct category and subcategory!
As soon as we have received your request and the data, we will forward them to our testing team respectively take care of your request depending on the nature of your inquiry.
Further communication with the support team will then happen via email. Regarding this, we would like to point out that in any case a new ticket must be created for new requests, inquiries, or technical problems, as this is the only way to ensure smooth and complete processing.
To get even faster response in case of technical problems, our users now have the opportunity to contact our technicians, as all English requests will go directly to the responsible department. You will receive an answer – especially if there are technical problems – as soon as there is a solution or feedback from the technical department.
We are aware that sometimes this requires a bit of patience, our team always strives for a speedy solution, but investigating and solving a technical problem including final testing takes a lot of diligence and can sometimes take a little time.
You will surely understand that multiple queries do not lead to a quicker solution, but on the contrary can often lead to further delays due to the processing effort, since your ticket is forwarded to the test department and therefore not visible to the support team. We want to prevent tickets from being pushed back and forth between departments during this sensitive period, which in turn would cause delays in dealing with the problem and finding a solution. Therefore, in the interest of speedy processing, we ask you to refrain from following up on this ticket or opening a new ticket for the same issue. Please do so only in really urgent cases (essential information relevant to the solution). Thank you for your understanding!

Please note:

As of now, support requests can only be sent via this function in the TradersYard X platform. Only for the - extremely rare - case that the platform cannot be restarted, we set up an emergency contact address on our website, through which the support team can be reached in these exceptional cases.
The GDPR has led us to this step in order to be able to ensure structured and comprehensible data processing in the support area, which would not be possible with simple e-mail communication. Therefore, the "Create Sales / Support Ticket". Note: Sent data will be stored for one month and then deleted.
Log files
If activated complete logs files are sent (for last 14 days by default. User may increase history)
Orders Log
If activated order logs file is sent (for last 30 days by default. User may increase history)
Active workspace
If activated active user workspace is sent
If the activated Config file is sent (TE_Config.xml).
Current Open Instruments
If activated all open instrument data are sent (Tick Size, Point Value, etc)
Complete UserDirectory
If activated the complete User Directory is sent
Complete DataDirectory
If activated the complete Data Directory is sent.

Unhandled Exception (Error report to the support)

Should an internal error occur, TradersYard X will display a popup in which you can see the so-called stack trace and recognize where this error has occurred. This information is very important for us to stabilize TradersYard X. If you receive such a popup, please submit this information to us by clicking the Send Error button. We will subsequently receive an email with the stack trace information. You will not receive any response from our support team. In case a bug is detected, it will most likely be fixed in one of the next updates.
In some cases user may see such a message in the log:
You have reached XX% of your RAM memory. If possible, please close any memory-intensive applications or modify your TradersYard X workspace by closing some List/Tab Chart Groups, Analyzer Escort Columns, etc.
You have reached XX% of your RAM memory. This is a critical level! If possible, please close any memory-intensive applications or modify your TradersYard X workspace by closing some List/Tab Chart Groups, Analyzer Escort Columns, etc.
It means TradersYard X uses a maximum of your PC RAM memory. Please follow the instruction and close any memory-intensive applications or modify your TX workspace.