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TradersYard X notifier - notification service and MOBILE APP

You, the trader, are supported by a comprehensive, functionally diverse trading platform - yes, this is everything your trader's heart desires. However, when it comes to the essential functions, then everything must be visible at a glance. Now, we are providing you with a COMPLETELY NEW feature precisely for this purpose, the TradersYard X Notifier Mobile APP. You can now find trading signals, order executions, and more in a clear mobile layout in an APP for Android smartphones and available in the Google Play Store.

The pager of the future

A trading or chart analysis platform without status notifications! Can you still imagine such a thing? Never being informed when a market in your watch list has reached a price level that interests you? Never being informed when one of your trading signals appears, when your orders are executed or when the connection to the data feed and the broker is interrupted?
This would mean permanently lingering in front of your trading PC. Constantly checking the signals or price levels of your trading symbols and much more. At the end of the day, your eyes are tired and your head is spinning with the effort.
How great that this advanced trading software automates and spares you this work! It makes your work easier with notifications using sound, popup windows, or directly via email in your inbox, announcing events exactly as they happen.
TradersYard X, a professional trading platform for traders with high demands for their trading software, supports all these features and then some. But now you can also get excited about the first mobile APP from the TradersYard X software team. The TradersYard X Notifier Mobile APP keeps you up to date on your trading and your signals via smartphone.
You want to go for a walk, play golf, or go swimming after all manual settings have been made in TradersYard X and your orders are active with the broker? No problem, since you receive your updates and all important status notifications directly on your phone. No more inconvenient email configurations and messages mixed in with your other emails. Starting right now you can find everything from one single TradersYard X source!

Range of functions of the TradersYard X Notifier Mobile APP

The APP offers the following status notifications:
  • Trading signals
  • Order executions
  • Alerts
  • Connection status for broker and data feed

Trading signals

Whether it's scripted or drag & drop conditions from the Signal Builder. When the multi-timeframe and multi-data series scanner discovers one of your signals, starting right now, it is no longer just shown in the scanner, notified via sound or popup, or messaged to you by email; it is also displayed in our TradersYard X Android Smartphone APP.

Order executions

Let's assume your orders are placed in the market. Entry order with a stop loss and two targets. Now you are tensely awaiting the execution of the first order with the entry, and following this, the hopefully positive progression of your trade. As you do so, you are sitting at your PC, stressed out.
Now instead of this, imagine you are sitting comfortably in a hammock or in the deckchair in your garden, balcony, or any other cozy spot as you do so, and this information is served to you on a silver platter. That's right - as a notification in the TradersYard X Notifier Mobile APP. You are informed when the entry is carried out, and then again when targets or stops are reached.


Price, time, or indicator alerts; you receive all three neatly listed in the TradersYard X Notifier Mobile APP. Make your decisions via smartphone, and only invest time in front of your trading PC when you deem it necessary. No need to waste any more time on routine checks on your trading PC.

Connection status

Last but no less relevant, we now additionally notify you if the connection to the broker or the data feed is lost. This means that you stay informed of your internet connection quality and can act quickly if the connection bar changes from green to red. This allows you to keep a clear head, freeing you of thoughts such as: "Hopefully the connection is still good and my trading setups are being carried out correctly."

Download via the Google Play Store

Open the Google Play Store and enter "TradersYard X Notifier" into the search bar. Select the APP, click on "install" and accept the license conditions. After the download and installation, the APP can be started.

How to connect the APP to TradersYard X

Open the "Send Device Token" function using the 'triple-dot symbol...' in the upper right edge of the screen. The first field shows the token. This is a key consisting of numbers, symbols and letters. If you do not want to copy this out, then enter your email address (e.g.: in the second field and click on "Send".
Shortly after this, you will find an email in your email inbox with the token. Check the spam folder too if necessary. Now open the Preferences in TradersYard X. In the tree menu, select the alerts and then the Notifier. Once you have briefly clicked on Android and copied the token into the text box by copying and pasting it from the email, the connection is activated by clicking on the "Apply" button.
After this, switch to the subcategory "General" in the alerts, and activate the respective notifications there using the five "Mobile" checkboxes. Conclude the procedure by clicking on the OK button.
In the Setup Builder, you then also select which signals a notification should be sent for, and to do so, you select the entry signal in the parameter settings and set the option "SendSignalMobileNotification" to true.
Stay connected with the TradersYard X Notifier Mobile APP!
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