Chart traders bars
You can define the appearance of chart trader bars in the General -> Chart tabs within the Preferences. If the option Use ChartTraderBar-Boxes is not enabled, the chart trader bars will be shown as lines on the chart.
The chart trader bar consists of the following components (left to right):
Component name
Cancel box
Allows you to delete or edit an order
Order mode
Allows you to change the order mode
Order type
allows you to change the Order types
Strategy selection
Includes available strategies (only if TradersYard X++ is started)
Order size
Allows you to input the volume of the order (order size)
Confirmation box
Confirms the proposed order i.e. applies the changes
The chart trader bar can have the following states:
  • Suggestion: the order is simply a suggestion and can be freely modified:
    • Move it with a mouse click, changing the price;
    • Edit the order size, order type, and other parameters;
    • Enter/change the order strategy (only available if TradersYard X++ is started).
  • Confirmed:
    • You can only move a confirmed order bar with the mouse if the option Move Confirmed Order Bars is enabled within the Preferences -> General -> Chart menu;
    • If this option is not enabled, TradersYard X will protect you from accidentally switching the order;
    • The color representation of the chart trader bar shows whether it is a buy order (green) or sell order (red).
Displaying risk/profit of the stop and target orders in the TradersYard X++ setup If TradersYard X++ is activated, you will see potential profits or losses that may occur once an order is executed. These values are displayed next to the chart trader bars for the corresponding stop and target orders. Although estimations are quite accurate, minor differences may still arise due to slippage.
Left-click on the position bar to choose between the following display modes:
  • Amount: Absolute amount in P&L currency
  • %: percentage of the account size
  • Risk: Risk multiples
  • Ticks

Limit entry for StopLimit orders

If you place a StopLimit order, the chart trader bar will display an additional field. Inside this field, you can enter either a fixed limit price or deviation from the stop price.
Example 1.Fixed limit price Question: What happens when you move the chart trader bar? Answer: The limit price will not change, neither in the corresponding field of the chart trader bar nor in the Trading Information: Order Manager.
Example 2.Deviation from the stop price
The following inputs are possible: "0" - the limit price is equal to the stop price "+/-x" - the limit price is equal to the stop price +/- x (x is the minimum tick size and defines the difference between stop price and limit price).
Question: What happens when you move the chart trader bar? Answer: The value within the chart trader bar will not change. The limit price in the Trading Information: Order Manager will be adjusted to the stop price according to the entry.
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