Place manual orders

Trading from the chart

Chart trading with TradersYard X is both easy and professional. It enables you to submit complete setups from the chart directly to the market with just a mouse click.
To place an order, right-click within the chart. This will bring up a context menu with the following functions:
Once submitted, a position will be opened and the trader bars will appear. You will be able to manage your entry order within the chart trader bars.

Buy/Sell with the TradersYard X++ setup

Even if the TX++ plus-plus setup is not activated within the chart, you still can enter an order and accomplish the risk, money, and trade-managed strategies. For this purpose, TradersYard X has an ergonomic function that activates the TradersYard X++ components TX++ Buy or TX++ Sell as soon as an entry order is submitted from the context menu. You may also start TradersYard X++ by left-clicking on the icon within the chart toolbar.
The image below shows how a strategy can be changed and applied to the trade:
TradersYard X++ setup with multiple entries
TradersYard X++ allows you to create a setup with multiple entries. Stops and targets will automatically be adjusted when additional limit and/or stop orders are included.
Example 1. Buy limit entries
Example 2. Sell stop entries