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Scan instruments in realtime

TradersYard X contains an extremely innovative scanner that allows you to scan hundreds of instruments in realtime.
The scanner can be accessed by creating:
  • a watch list (Main -> New -> Watch) (see image below)
  • a list chart group (LCG) (Main -> New -> Chart container -> List chart group)
The scanner columns may have different colors:
An active long signal
Light green
A past long signal
An active short signal
Light red
A past short signal
Yellow or white
The instrument has already been scanned based on a newly occurred candle
Bluish green/light blue
Insufficient historical data for estimation
Exchange is closed, scanning will recommence once exchange opens again
You can find additional TX++ scanner functions in the Setup Builder (Strategies -> Setup Builder -> Setup Builder and Analyzer -> your Analyzer) section. If you make changes to the Entries list within the Setup Builder activation tab, then the scanner has to be reloaded for the LCG or watch list in order to apply changes
You can rearrange the instruments/symbols in the scanner via drag and drop. By holding the Shift- or Ctrl-key you can easily select multiple items of a Watchlist or any other list. By pressing the 'Del' key afterward, you can delete all those symbols at once.