Since the TradersYard X, it is possible to trade options
Clear option chains for each instrument directly under your charts or as a separate window make it possible to keep track of the latest option data at all times and to find the optimal option for your own trading. The option selected in the OptionChain is synchronized directly with the new OptionTradingPad, which can be used to buy or sell the option with a single further click.
In addition, there is the possibility to trade options directly from a chart (Option-ChartTrading) using the right-click menu - a particularly convenient solution for trading options. The current option trades are displayed directly in the chart of the underlying.
With new indicators that can display greeks and other options data, it is possible to graphically analyze these data series and also incorporate them into automatic scans and signals with the SignalBuilder. Our aim is to offer the best possible software and the most advanced tools for options traders.


To enable your broker and data feed in TradersYard X to receive options-data / trade options, you need to enable the „Option“ Instrument Type in the account-connection setup window for the accounts you want to use.
1. Datafeeds
The feed for which you activate the „Option“ Instrument Type will serve as the data source for the OptionChain and the option-indicators. You can also use the Multi-Feed possibility of TradersYard X to use one datafeed only for Options, and another datafeed for the underlying.
  • InteractiveBrokers (Additional subscription to OPRA-data necessary)
  • IQ Feed (Additional subscription to OPRA-data necessary)
  • Rithmic
  • CQG (release in 2020)
2. Broker / Technology providers
  • InteractiveBrokers
  • Rithmic
  • CQG (release in 2020)