Managing offices and workshops

Managing offices and workshops

Every TradersYard-User can create an independent office/workshop and invite friends there. Having your own office will allow you to regularly share your ideas and communicate with other participants of the group in a very efficient way. Workshops on the other hand are meant for organizing events, which start at a specific point of time.

Creating an office

In order to create an office please follow these steps:
In the middle of the screen you will find some additional options:
  1. 1.
    Top: view most attended offices
  2. 2.
    My: view only the offices in which you participate
  3. 3.
    Own: view only your own offices
  4. 4.
    Create: create a new office.
  • Name: Set the name of your office
  • Category: Select the category for your office
  • Privacy: Set the availability of your office (Public: means that all users can join your office; Private: means that only the owner is allowed to invite people to join your office; Protected: means that all office members can invite users on their own)
  • YouTube Stream URL: There is an option to paste a link to your YouTube stream
  • Description: There you can describe your office

Managing offices

In order to open your offices directly in TradersYard X, simply select TradersYard -> Offices.
The Offices tab contains all offices you are a member of:
Displays the office logo
Contains the name of the group
Contains a description of the office
Indicates the category of the office
Indicates the availability of the office to other TradersYard-Users
Displays the exact number of office members
Shows how many TradersYard-Users like this office
The Context menu of the Office list includes the following options:
  • Open Webinar Board: allows you to open the webinar board, you can also double-click on the office name
  • Open in Browser: allows you to open a group in your browser
  • Refresh: refreshes the group list
The Webinar (Office) action bar is very similar to the action bar of a P2P call, which has been described in the following section: Use TradersYard in TradersYard X.
When being a Webinar/Office the action bar will contain some additional settings, like:
Participants Via the ActionBar you can view all webinar participants and manage their roles (if you are the group owner). In order to access this menu, simply click on the Participants button:
After right-clicking on a participant-name, the owner can define roles for each user:
Every role has its own rights:
  • Listener: can only chat and view streams/shared data. A listener cannot upload any trading-data nor stream audio/video. He also has no access to the participant list
  • Owner: can use all features like Chat, video/audio streaming, desktop sharing, chart/analysis sharing. Office owner can also edit participant roles and approve PreTrader sharing requests
  • Presenter: has access to all the features of an office owner, but cannot change the role of the office owner
  • Executive (Moderator): same rights as the Presenter
  • Trader: has access to all features, but cannot change participant roles
  • PreTrader: same rights as Trader, but has to ask the presenter for permission to share trading-data
  • Reset Role to Default: allows to reset user role, available only for administrative roles: Owner, Presenter, Executive
Furthermore, you can mute selected users by clicking on Mute in the context menu.

Joining a workshop

In order to open the workshop-menu, select TradersYard -> Workshops. The Workshops tab contains all active and inactive webinars:
Displays the workshop logo
Shows the name/topic of the workshop
Displays the name of the host of the workshop
Describes what the event will be about
Indicates the status of the workshop
Beginning AT
States when the event will start
Displays the scheduled duration
Shows the exact number of workshop participants
Demonstrates how many TradersYard users liked this workshop
Opens the event
After right-clicking on one of the listed events, the following context menu will appear:
  • Open in Browser: allows you to start a workshop in an external browser.
  • Show All Webinars: displays all workshops
  • Show Upcoming Webinars: displays only upcoming workshops
  • Show Closed Webinars: displays only closed workshops
  • Show Own Webinars: displays only your own workshops
  • Refresh: refreshes the list of workshops

Being a listener in a workshop

There are two ways to join a workshop:
  1. 1.
    You can click on the Open button in the Open column.
  2. 2.
    You can open it by right-clicking on it and selecting Open Webinar Board (or Open in Browser)
Webinar Board contains the Audio/Video/Screen sharing window and the Actionbar on the right side. It is very similar to the Audio/Video/Screen sharing window in the Chat section: Use TradersYard in TradersYard X
The workshop board Actionbar includes a new feature. As a participant in a workshop, You have the ability to transfer your question directly to the presenter.
Simply click on the Questions button in the ActionBar and a new window will appear. There you can see all public questions and also add new ones, by right-clicking on the questions list:
After selecting New Question, small pop-up windows will appear. There you can write your question:
By marking the checkbox Allow this question to be publicly visible you will allow other users to read your question.
You can also cancel your questions. All you have to do is right-click on it and select Cancel Question.
As a listener, you are allowed to chat with other participants. Simply click on the Chat button in the Actionbar and the chat window will appear.
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Managing offices and workshops
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Managing offices
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